At MDP, our employee are trained in all aspects of the injection molding process including the procedures for handling various materials, machine setting and monitoring, product quality assessment, etc. Apart from sending our personnel for external training, we have an on-going in-house training program to upgrade the skills of our employees in order to ensure customer satisfaction with the products and services we supply.


Recognizing the need to upgrade its standards and quality to levels that are recognized internationally, MDP worked towards and achieved its ISO 9001 accreditation in year 2008.

With these stringent procedures in place, rigorous control has been established at every stage of process, from material acceptance up to packaging and delivery of the finished products, to ensure that all products comply with customer specifications.


MDP specialized in providing pre­cision plastic injection molding solutions for local and overseas­based industries. Our success comes only from an approach and commitment to plastic injection molding that provides each customer unparalleled competitive advantage in terms of improved quality, cost effective, efficiencies and increased profitability.