MDP Plastics Sdn Bhd (MDP) was established with our maiden business in the precision plastic injection molding. Since our start in 1995, our customer-centered approach and on going commitment to quality thermoplastic molding innovations has made us a trusted plastic injection manufacturer around the globe.

At present, our factory is equipped with machines that range in tonnage from 45-420, able to handle a wide range of engineering resins from PP, PC, PMMA, PS, PE, PPO, TPE etc. We also employ the latest technologies and automation systems for secondary process, providing fully labeled, decorated and assembled plastic injection molded parts and sub-assemblies for improved quality, increased efficiencies and overall cost savings.

At MDP, our employee are trained in all aspects of the injection molding process including the procedures for handling various materials, machine setting and monitoring, product quality assessment, etc. Apart from sending our personnel for external training, we have an on-going in-house training program to upgrade the skills of our employees in order to ensure customer satisfaction with the products and services we supply.

In future, we are planning to implement Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system to increase manufacturing productivity by optimizing our production schedule and computerized ordering process.

The implementation of Cognex Vision Inspection system investment in our production is also part of our upcoming plans in order to achieve a better quality control in our manufacturing process. As part of our expansion plans in automotive industry, we will work towards applying our Technical Specifications (TS) certificate.


Is to be a dynamic customize plastic injection molding manufacturer, driving growth through expanding our professional services to worldwide customers.


Is to produce, manufacture and market various range of precision plastic injection molding and provide excellent services by continuous improvement in all phases of our operations to meet or exceed customer expectation.

We believe :

  • To produce, manufacture and market various range of plastic injection molding and plastic packaging products and services to customers specifications.
  • To produce only high-quality products and enable them to be competitively priced for the consumer markets. Through our products, we hope to arm our clients to have a cutting edge in product quality, innovation and market positioning.
  • To utilize our strengths in managing our business and be part of the successes of others.
  • To strive to instill honesty and quality through fair and optimum partnerships to achieve common success goals. We develop our business dealings with the aim of improving our company and team performance.