Alongside our services in plastic injection molding, we also provide secondary processes to enhance the value of our customers’ products.

Decorating & Labelling Injection Molded Components

  • Spray
  • Spray painting is a process of painting the surface of molded plastic parts to enhance the appearance of the finished products.

  • Coating
  • The purpose of coating molds is generally to improve the surface quality of the cast strand and to improve the resistance against abrasive wear with the effect of increased service life of the mold.

  • Pad Painting
  • Pad Printing is a printing process that using a soft silicone rubber pad, ink images can be transferred from a photo-etched plate onto your required part simply by pressing the pad against the product that is to be imprinted.

  • Silk Screening
  • Silk screen printing is a process of printing your logos, brand names or other particulars on the molded plastic parts using silk-screen printers.

  • Pin Insertion
  • Brass and steel insertion.

Welding Of Injection Molded Parts


A specialized technique used to fuse two or more plastic injection molded parts together, especially for joining dissimilar materials.

Upon the completion of any of the secondary processes mentioned above, the plastic part or component will go through sub-assembly process for improved quality.

Sub Assembly Process

The plastic parts and components from the secondary processes are sub-assembled into other plastic parts and components in accordance with the specifications and stringent requirements of the customers. Upon the completion of this process, the sub-assembled plastic parts and components are subject to final quality control testing before being packaged and deliver to the customer.