MDP specialized in providing precision plastic injection molding solutions for local and overseas­based industries. Our success comes only from an approach and commitment to plastic injection molding that provides each customer unparalleled competitive advantage in terms of improved quality, cost effective, efficiencies and increased profitability.

With many manufacturers offering injection molded plastics, we believe that staying at the forefront of advancing technology, dedicated to expand equipment capabilities from time to time set us apart in a highly competitive market. Todays, market-leading companies around the globe trust us as their supplier of choice to deliver their most challenging news products.

Custom Molding is performed in-house according to client specifications and requirements. We offer a wide range of injection molding machine sizes from the world's renowned manufacturers such as SUMITOMO, KAWAGUCHI and WELTECH, supporting the smallest of injection molded parts to the largest of finished products.

Machine And Equipement List

Our facilities are equipped with a wide range of advanced equipment and machinery that can accommodate varying production requirements and achieve optimum output and efficiency.

Our entire employee had been trained to understand each of the equipment and technology and how to employ it to solve problems, lower cost and ensure the optimum quality of our products.

Injection Molding Machines Capacity

Our production capacity is operated by a multitude of more than 20 latest injection molding machines featuring tonnage ranging in size from 45-420 tonnes, both electric and hydraulic systems. All machines are meticulously maintained.

Machine Listing
No. Maker Machine Model Tonnage Unit
1 Kawaguchi KM280B3 280 1
2 Kawaguchi KM180B 180 1
3 Kawaguchi KM140B 140 2
4 Kawaguchi KX140 140 2
5 Kawaguchi KM100B3 100 2
6 Kawaguchi KM100B2 100 2
7 Kawaguchi KM100C 100 1
8 Kawaguchi KM80C2 80 1
9 Kawaguchi SE50DU 50 1
10 Kawaguchi KM50B2 50 1
11 Kawaguchi KM420B 420 1
12 Kawaguchi KM360B 360 1
13 Kawaguchi KM220B2 220 1
14 Kawaguchi KM125C 125 1
15 Weltech F2V90 90 1
16 Weltech F2R80 80 1
17 Kawaguchi KM45C 45 1
Total 21
Machine In Year 2013
No. Maker Machine Model Tonnage Unit
1 Kawaguchi KM420B 420 1
1 Sumitomo SE130DUZ 130 1
Total 2


The precision required in the production of injection molded parts and components are very critical to ensure that the quality of MDP’s products meet the requirements of its multi-national corporation customers. Hence, we implement automation system into our production process to maintain consistency and the quality of our products.

Robotic Arms is among the au­ tomation which is widely used by MDP. The auto loading plastics injection robotic arms princi ­ pally handle the output from the production line. This will ensure that all output per machine are consistent throughout the whole production process. Apart from robotic arms, we will continue in­ troduce Cognex vision inspection equipment to enhance our pro­ ductivity. It can help to perform 1OO% accuracy vision inspections that are practically impossible for people to do reliably and consist­ ently, produce product at higher speeds, without defects, and at lower cost.

Production Equipment List
  • Air Dryer Machine
  • Robot Arms
  • Mold Temperature Controller
  • Vacuum Loader On Drying Hopper
  • Hopper Dryer
  • Color Mixture Tank
  • Crusher
  • Air Compressor
  • Chain Block
  • Vacuum Machine for Hopper Cleaning