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Precision plastic injection USA & Malaysia

As the lead plastic injection molding company in USA & Malaysia, MDP Plastics has built a strong reputation as the lead precision plastic injection molding company supplier in USA & Malaysia. There are two types of manufacturing methods categorized under injection molding which is thermoplastic and thermoset. We at MDP Plastics are dedicated to manufacturing precision plastic injections tailored to your production needs and to produce high quality products.

Plastic Injection Moulding Manufacturers Malaysia

Quality Products

We at MDP Plastics are dedicated to provide products of the highest quality to our clients regardless of the volume of the products and to provide you excellent services to ensure that you have a pleasant experience with MPD Plastics. Book your appointment with our consultants today to ensure that you are using high quality plastic injection molds.

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Plastic Injection Molding Techniques

Need A Mold Customised? We Got You

It is our dedication and commitment to provide our customers with high quality plastic molds regardless of the volume of the products. We have experienced consultants ready to help you decide which products are for you according to your needs. Book your appointment with our consultants to get your plastic molds from the lead plastic molding supplier in USA & Malaysia.

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precision plastic injection supplier

At MDP Plastics, we are dedicated in producing high quality plastic injection molding products for your high-volume production needs with quick turnaround time. With an established record of 26 years in the industry, we have evolved our technology in manufacturing excellent parts and components for a variety of industries. We pride ourselves as the precision plastic injection supplier in USA & Malaysia that uses cutting-edge equipment to produce the desired products with superior quality as requested by our clients.

Our Services

Developed over the years to become a proactive, flexible and customer-focused organization, MDP Plastics provides a comprehensive range of plastic molding company services including thermoplastic and thermoset. We specialize in all types of design for plastic injection molding as our expert will provide advice on product design and engineering that will cater to your business needs.

Plastics Moulding Malaysia

Your Trusted Manufacturing Solutions Provider

Plastic molding company in USA & malaysia

MDP plastic molding company in USA & Malaysia has built a strong reputation for high precision, intricate injection molded parts and assemblies for a wide range of industries. In addition to providing top-notch quality plastic components, our success has been achieved by developing unique trust-based partnerships with our clients from all around the country.