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We here specialize in supplying precision plastic injection as well as plastic molding with Malaysia as our base of operations.

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Who We Are

We, MDP Plastics Sdn Bhd, are a precision plastic injection supplier and plastic molding company located in Seri Kembangan, Malaysia. We are made of highly trained technicians, who are dedicated and talented not to say the least. As evidence, our high-quality products that have stayed competitive in the market to this day. Being one of the leaders in the field of supplying precision plastic injection and plastic molding here in Malaysia, we offer only the best to our clients.

Our Philosophy

As one of the leading precision plastic injection and plastic molding suppliers in Malaysia, we always strive to go above and beyond to keep our clients satisfied. We here aim to only supply the best to our clients, with only using the finest materials and technology of the highest order. We are ever ready to accommodate our client’s demands, our philosophy is as such, where the customer always comes first.

Plastic injection molding services

Injection molding and other custom plastic molding services provide an efficient way to mass-produce plastic parts. Thanks to plastic molding, many high- quality and precision parts can be manufactured with flawless repeatability along with quick turnaround time. That is why as the trusted precision plastic injection supplier in Malaysia, we remain committed to develop high-quality plastic moldings.

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Our Team

All our employees are professionally certified and have gone through the necessary training to provide quality-driven services and operate all machinery efficiently.


We utilise technology to help fully automate all of our machineries to ensure a seamless and efficient operation.


Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team are prepared to offer their assistance and guidance in helping you make the best choice.


We continuously strive to offer the best products and services by using the latest advancement in technology to improve our methodologies.

Our Quality Is Unmatched As We Are

Certified & Recognized By

ISO 9001 : 2016

MDP Plastics strictly follows the guidelines of ISO 9001 to ensure the quality of our products are of the highest quality.

RoHS Compliance

MDP Plastics follow very strict guidelines to reduce the environmental effect and health impact during the production of all our products.

WEEE Compliance

Our team of engineers prioritise environmentally safe recycling and recovery to reduce the amount of hazardous chemicals released.

Reach Compliance

Our engineers ensure that all products that are manufactured are not hazardous towards the environment and customers’ health during its life cycle.

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