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With customer satisfaction in mind, we here also offer mold design and construction too, covering all the bases of the overall mold production.

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Custom mold maker Malaysia

We at MDP Plastics can also make custom molds according to your needs using our cutting edge technology and high quality products. Our custom molds are extremely durable and can be produced in any size and shape according to your specifications. Our highly experienced consultants can help you decide which mold would suit your needs best.

Plastics Moulding Malaysia

Professional and Experienced Support Team

Design for Manufacturability Analysis

With our professional and experienced team of designers and engineers, all molds that are manufactured by MDP Plastics are designed for Manufacturability Analysis. This is to facilitate our customers to reduce tooling costs, reduce design changes, expedite the manufacturing process, and ultimately guarantee quality. Once we have received a quote along with a 3D mold design from our customers, our team will conduct a thorough analysis to determine the component is suitable for injection molding.


Modification Needless

Lifetime Mold Guarantee

As the leading supplier of molds in Malaysia, we have an inspection and quality control team to ensure that all molds manufactured are of the highest quality. Through our constant research and innovation, we make a point to design molds that guarantee to be usable for a lifetime. In doing so, our customers will no longer require to have their plastic molds changed annually.


Plastics Moulding Malaysia

But, That’s Not All We Offer

Our skills, innovation and dedication catapulted us as the number one mold making company locally. But other than being the trusted custom mold maker in Malaysia, we also offer supplies that will go hand-in-hand with your plastic molds. Come and have a look.

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Precision Mold Making

Whether you are looking for readily available plastic molds or custom plastic molds, rest assured that MDP Plastics is ever-ready to cater to your needs as per your specifications.

Short Lead Time

Our technology enables us to generate plastic molds within a short time, thereby offering our customers an efficient service without compromising quality.

Easy Repair

We ensure that all our plastic molds are easy to be fixed to ensure that our customers’ business will not be hindered.


With high quality materials combined with advanced technology, our plastic molds are guarenteed to be cost-effective.

Guarantee Quality

Our experienced and professional team is skilled at producing high quality plastic molds that will enhance your output quality.


We at MDP Plastics have 5 professional designers and 5 CAM designers that are all working in-house to cater to our clients specifications. We also use top-of-the-line machines such as CNC Machine Centres, EDM Machines, Surface Grinding Machines and radial drill and milling machines to ensure that all products are of the highest quality and a smooth manufacturing process.

MOULD Capabilities

  • Mold production
  • Maintain, repair, and modify
  • Ensures low price, high quality
  • CNC machine centres
  • EDM machines
  • Surface grinding machines
  • Lathe, radial drill, milling machines
Standard Formats
In-house Designers
  • 5 Professional designers
  • 5 CAM designers

MOULD Shop Equipment

mould design construction

Mould making company in Malaysia

If you are looking for the best in mold making, then look no further than MDP Plastics. Our services in the field of mold making is second to none, making us the preferred mould making company in Malaysia. Here, customer satisfaction is our number one priority and our custom mold making is proof of that, ensuring our customers always get what they desire. So, contact us now for all mold making needs!

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