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We strive to meet the demands of our clients across the various industries, with our top-notch services. Scroll through below to see how we can best help your industry.

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Industrial Applications

As one of the leading custom plastic injection molding companies in the market, we have been providing services ranging from various industrial applications. Our constant demand keeps production at a steady pace, ever ready to collaborate with our clients. Discover the limitless possibilities of industrial custom plastic injection molding service with us, a pioneering market leader. At the forefront of innovation, we cater to diverse sectors with seamless services. Our, unwavering dedication to meeting demands ensures consistent production while fostering strong client partnership.

Plastics Moulding Malaysia

Extra Hygiene Care Profession


Even in the medical industry, our constant and high- quality supply has shown to greatly accommodate all our client’s needs. We are always on our toes, ensuring we deliver only the best to our clients as we too understand how crucial our role is in the medical industry.


Vast Proprietary Industrial Equipment


With our high-quality production output, our services also extend to industrial component manufacturers that count on us for a prompt delivery.

Plastics Moulding Malaysia
Plastics Moulding Malaysia

Highly Reliable Equipment Used


Our versatility shows, as we also provide our services to the aerospace industry, working with our clients at every step.


Convenient Supplies Fulfill Daily Needs


We are always ready to deal with the unpredictability of the consumer industry, producing components for home goods to accommodate the people’s lifestyles.


Plastics Moulding Malaysia
Plastics Moulding Malaysia

Quick And Efficient Production


We here are one of the top suppliers to the automotive industry, where we guarantee quick shipping and efficient production.




Discover unparalleled solutions for the electrical and electronic sector through our cutting-edge custom plastic injection molding service. Count on our expertise to create precision-engineered components that meet your industry’s exacting demands. Partner with us for superior results in custom plastic injection molding.


We serve all industries

All in all, we here at MDP Plastics go above and beyond for our clients. We serve all industries ranging from the automotive industry to the medical industry. Our promise to you is that we will work by our client’s side to make sure all their wishes are granted.


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